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Our Story

As practicing wound care clinicians, we frequently see patients who are unable to obtain products to aid in their treatment and recovery due to lack of access. The wound care products were not available at local stores; they needed assistance ordering and forgot by the time a caregiver or family member was available to help; or they did not want to do the paperwork required for insurance to cover the product. As caregivers to loved ones ourselves, we were also unable to locally obtain wound care supplies that were recommended by the physician. After searching, we may have forgotten to follow up; were unable to obtain authorization, or unfortunately just gave up.

Our goal is to provide patients with options to purchase wound care supplies at a lower cost by paying cash, rather than going through the hassle and paperwork of Medicare and insurance companies.

DirectPatient.com was created to provide patients and caregivers an affordable and convenient way to order wound care supplies recommended by their physicians, delivered within 1-2 days in most instances.