Adaptic Non-adhering Dressing, Sterile 3" x 8"

Manufacturer: KCI

Systagenix Adaptic® Non-adhering Dressing is a primary dressing made of knitted cellulose acetate fabric and impregnated with a specially formulated petrolatum emulsion. It is designed to help protect the wound while preventing the dressing from adhering to the wound and to minimize pain and trauma upon removal. It can be cut to wound size without unraveling or shredding. Systagenix Adaptic Non-Adhering Dressing helps prevent dressing adherence. Helps protect regenerating tissue and minimize patient pain at dressing changes. Helps prevent pooling of fluid at the wound site. Exudate easily passes through to the secondary absorbent dressing. Protects the fragile tissue in wounds by its unique structure with small mesh size. Mesh allows for exudates to easily pass through to the secondary dressing used, preventing maceration of the wound surface.

Available individually or in a Package of 24.

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