FIBRACOL Plus Collagen Wound Dressing 2" x 2"

Manufacturer: KCI

Petrolatum Impregnated Gauze Dressings are made of fine, soft, conformable gauze impregnated with white petrolatum. Designed to provide non-adhering packing for full thickness wounds, providing a moist environment conducive to wound healing. Ideal for Stages II to IV chronic wounds, tunneling and non-infected wounds. Systagenix fibracol plus collagen wound dressing with alginate is soft and comfortable to wound bed and can cut to fit any size wound. Maintains moist wound environment which is conductive to granulation, tissue formation and epithelialization that enables healing to process optimally. Collagen supports tissue and blood vessel in growth. Absorbent, gel forming composition maintains moist environment and control exudates.

  • Non-adherent-easy to remove
  • Maintains integrity when wet
  • Leaves wound free of fiber

Sold Individually or in a Box of 12

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